About the Practitioner

DeeAnne Butler is a Florida-based licensed massage therapist with thirteen years of experience. She graduated from the Humanities Center for Allied Health’s massage program in 2004 and completed the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Program in 2015. Combining her expertise in therapeutic massage and her training in integrative nutrition, DeeAnne specializes in holistic approaches to health and wellness through relaxing massage sessions and nutrition consultations. Throughout her Southern Ohio childhood, DeeAnne’s desire to aid family members suffering from chronic pain sparked her love of massage therapy. After attending the Ohio State University, she pursued a private practice geared toward wellness, restorative therapy, relaxation, and body positivity. DeeAnne is also a professional photographer whose work has been featured in galleries and local businesses. As a massage therapist and as an artist, DeeAnne aims to be a compassionate presence, a source of positive change, and a guide towards self-development and growth.

Massage Therapy Sessions

Because everyone’s body is different and responds differently to massage, each session is custom-designed to meet the client’s specific needs. Sessions begin with a discussion of the client’s health history, massage preferences, and sense of well-being. Then, DeeAnne adjusts her practice accordingly. Years of experience have provided her with an intuitive ability to locate and correct her client’s sources of tension and discomfort. Whether the client seeks reparative therapy following an injury or simply a relaxing, stress-reducing massage, DeeAnne will work with each client individually to achieve their goals while simultaneously improving their flexibility and range of motion. Blue Butterfly Massage is dedicated to creating a unique and personal massage experience intended to reduce stress, anxiety, and exhaustion, and enhance energy, concentration, and wellness.